Downspout Nozzle

Downspout Nozzle
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Downspout Nozzle

The Zurn Z199 downspout nozzle has an all nickel bronze body, optional threaded or No-Hub inlet, and decorative face of wall flange and outlet nozzle.

  • Decorative downspout nozzle with bronze or nickel bronze finish
  • Directs water away from building to prevent staining
  • Flange secures to building to prevent theft of nozzle

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Can the Z199 be connected to corrugated ADS pipe?

  • No, not unless the pipe manufacturer makes an adapter to threaded or no-hub connection types.​

Can Zurn offer larger Z199 downspout nozzles than what is listed on the specification sheet?

  • Yes, Zurn can produce larger fabricated steel downspout nozzles that are epoxy coated.  The style is slightly different from the cast version, but they work in the same manner.  Please contact Zurn Engineering for more information on these products.​