15" Diameter Main Roof Drain

Product Image 600x600 - Z100
Product Image 600x600 - Z100


15" Diameter Main Roof Drain

The Zurn Z100 15" diameter roof primary drain has a Dura-Coated cast iron body with combination membrane flashing clamp/gravel guard and low silhouette Poly-Dome.

High Performance, Next Generation Model Now Available: Z100 FloForce
  • 15" diameter primary roof drain
  • Clamping collar and low silhouette Poly-Dome

We Already Put it to the Test

You want to be IPC confident with your roof drain specification. Sure, you can calculate the flow rate, but that’s still a guess, not a guarantee. We test drainage products in our certified state-of-the-art facility, so you have the data and assurance to back your next project.

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Zurn Neo-Loc is a unique labor-saving compression gasketed connection designed to simply push on the stub end of the pipe for a 3" outlet. 

Are replacement roof drain domes available for the Z100?

  • Zurn offers a full line of replacement domes for the Z100 roof drain.  The dome is offered in plastic (P100-POLYDOME-USA), cast iron (P100-DOME-CI), bronze (P100-DOME-BRZ), and aluminum (P100-DOME-ALUM).  These domes are approximately 12-1/2” in diameter, and 4-1/2” tall.  

Can internal water dams be added to the drain after the drain body is installed?

  • ​Yes, -W2, -W3, -W4 internal water dams can be added to the drain after the drain body is installed.  However, the existing clamp collar would need to be removed.  Please contact installer of water-proofing membrane to review proper installation and warranty details.

Can the underdeck clamp (-C) and the adjustable extension (-EA) options be used together on the Z100?

  • Yes, see the spec sheet featuring these two items on the website: Z100-C-EA

Can Zurn provide an adjustable extension with approximately 6" of extension height?

  • Yes, you can use the adjustable extension (-EA option) in combination with the static extension (-E option) to achieve a taller adjustable extension.  See the spec sheet for the Z100-E-EA: http://zurn.eriepa.us/specdrain/Product/Options/303900.pdf​

Is the Z100 Roof Drain offered with a side outlet instead of a bottom outlet?

  • Yes, the Z100-90 features a drain body with a built-in side outlet, which proves to be shorter than using a bottom outlet drain in combination with an elbow adapter:http://zurn.eriepa.us/specdrain/Product/Options/35053.pdf​

Is the Z100-E watertight?

  • Yes, the Z100-E is a solid, cast piece and there is a gasket provided to be inserted between the drain body and the extension during installation.  This will ensure a watertight seal between those components when installed properly.

What is the inside diameter of the Z100-6NL outlet connection?

  • The inside diameter is 6.94".  For more information and dimensional data on outlet sizes, see the Zurn Outlet Pip Connections technical information: http://content.zurn.com/pages/technicalinformation/FloorDrains/FD5-7.pdf​

What is the load rating of the Z100 flush grate?

  • The Z100-FG is classified as heavy duty and has a safe live load of 5100 lbs.

What is the range of adjustability for the Z100-C?

  • The adjustability for the Z100-C ranges from a minimum of 3/4" to a maximum of 4".  See the Z100-C spec sheet for the complete dimension of the drain: http://zurn.eriepa.us/specdrain/Product/Options/57131.pdf​

What is the shortest dome available for the Z100?

  • The standard poly dome has a height of 4-11/16":http://content.zurn.com/web_documents/pdfs/specsheets/59285.pdf A flush grate is also available:http://zurn.eriepa.us/specdrain/Product/Options/59575.pdf ​

What is the thickness of the Z100-DP deck plate?

  • The deck plate is 18 gauge galvanized steel, which has a thickness of 0.052".​

What material are the interal water dam options of the Z100 made from? (-W2, -W3, -W4)

  • The -W2, -W3, and -W4 internal water dams contain an integral claming collar.  This component is manufactured from Dura-Coated Cast Iron.

What size are the clamp collar bolts for the Z100?

  • The clamp collar bolts for the Z100 are 3/8" - 16 X 1-3/4" hex head cap screws.​

What size hole should be cored in the roof to receive the Z100-C-EA-R-89?

  • The ideal hole size is 18" in diameter.​

What size screw does Zurn recommend be used when securing a Z100-DP to a roof deck?

  • The slots in the deck plate are 1/4" wide, so the maximum size of the anchoring screw could be a #10-24 screw.​

What Z100 Roof Drain should be used in an application where there are two waterproofing membranes?

  • The Z100-E-SC can be used, as the lower membrane can be clamped below the secondary clamp collar and holes in the extension will allow water along that membrane to enter the drain body.  The upper membrane can be clamped between the top of the extension and the primary clamp collar and collect surface water into the drain.  Please see the following link for the Z100-E-SC Spec Sheet:http://zurn.eriepa.us/specdrain/Product/Options/57974.pdf​