12" Diameter Roof Drain Low Silhouette Dome

12" Diameter Roof Drain Low Silhouette Dome
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12" Diameter Roof Drain Low Silhouette Dome

The Zurn Z121 12" diameter roof drain has a Dura-Coated cast iron body with combination membrane flashing clamp/gravel guard and low silhouette Poly- Dome. 

  • 12" diameter roof drain
  • Clamping collar and low silhouette cast iron dome

Can a grate be put on the Z121 roof drain in place of a dome?

  • Yes, the -FG (Flush Grate) option is available for the Z121 roof drain.  Please click the following link to access the Z121-FG Spec Sheet: Z121-FG

Does Zurn offer a 4" internal water dam for the Z121?

  • No, the Z121 does not have an internal water dam option.  The Z121 currently has an option for a 2" external water dam (-89 option).  Also, we do offer the Z100-W4, which is a 15" diameter roof drain with a 4" internal water dam.​

Does Zurn offer an adjustable extension for the Z121?

  • Currently, we do not offer a -EA adjustable extension for the Z121.  However, we do offer adjustable solutions, including the -DR and -EB which feature Zurn's patented Top-Set Deck Plate.  Other available options include the -E (Static Extension) option in half inch increments ranging from 1" - 4" in height.  These extensions can be cut to obtain a custom height.  The minimum extension height is 1".​

Does Zurn offer an overflow option for the Z121?

  • Yes, the Z121-89.  The -89 option is a 2" external water dam for the Z121 roof drain.​