Trench Drain System


Trench Drain System

Zurn Z-874-18 Trench Drain System. High density polyethylene structural composite drain channel with 1.00 Percent bottom slope. All sections modular 80 inch lengths with interlocking ends and radiused bottom. Complete with heavy-duty Dura-Coated steel frame w/ anchor studs at surface, combination anchor tabs/leveling devices at appropriate locations and class C extra heavy-duty ductile iron grate-with 4 stainless steel lockdowns. USA Configurable

  • Saves labor up to 75%
  • Rebar clips provided with system for elevation set
  • 4-corner grate lock down for dynamic loading situations
  • Mechanical interlocking connections

Can Zurn provide a Z874-18 in sections smaller than the standard 80" long increments?

  • Yes, although it is required that the grates still have the ability to lockdown so this needs to be taken into account on non-standard lengths.

Can Zurn provide a Z874-18 with a slope other than the 1.00% built in slope?

  • Yes, we can do custom slopes with this product.​  Please contact Zurn Engineering for more information.

Does Zurn offer a slotted bar grate (-SBG) option for the Z874-18?

  • Yes, we can do a -SBG for the Z874-18.  It is rated Class C per the DIN 19580 top load classification, and it is capable of withstanding over 56,202 lbf.​

What is the load rating of the Z874-18-DGC grate?

  • The standard -DGC slotted grate is a DIN Standard Class C Heavy-Duty grate and has an H-20 rating.  It can withstand up to 56,202 lbf.​