Best Seller Connected Product Z6950-XL

Touchless faucet - Z6950-XL-S-W1

Touchless commercial faucet Z6950-XL-S-W1 is a single-post, centerset deck-mounted sensor faucet with a wireless monitoring feature. It provides product insights, trends, and alerts on faucet valve usage count, water consumption, and preventative maintenance. Received real-time relief alerts and data trends 24/7 via a secure web portal.

With this automatic faucet, you can opt in to text or email alerts and be notified immediately critical information. Ideal for use in high traffic restrooms in new or retrofit applications.

To view all options, see the Specification Sheet - Z6950-XL-S-W1

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Features And Benefits

  • Single hole, chrome plated sensor faucet with wireless usage monitoring
  • Streamlined design with concealed sensor lens
  • Customizable faucet features: time-outs, line purge, sensor range, metering mode
  • Customizable alert parameters for usage, water consumption and preventative maintenance
  • Opt in to real-time notifications via email or text
  • View dashboard-style device alerts, performance data and trends via a secure web portal with 24/7 access
Proportion 65
ADA Compliant
Lead Free
Retrofit or Replacement
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Repair Parts


Connecting wire for battery faucets.

Z6950-XL Spout Assembly with Sensor and Shank Base used with Z6950, Z6950-XL-IM, Z6955, and Aqua-Fit Serio Series.

Y Cable Adaptor Z6950-XL-IM

Replacement filter screen for mixing valve

Sensor Inline Connector provides pigtail cable for plug-in and hardwired units.

Z6955-XL Spout Assembly with Sensor (Less Base Shank) used with Z6950-XL and Z6950 Serio Series.

Z6955-XL Spout Assembly with Sensor Shank Base used with Z6950, Z6950-XL-IM, and Z6955.

Y Pipe Adaptor for Z6950-XL-IM Model used with Z6950, Z6950-XL-IM, and Z6955.

Z6950-XL-IM Spout Assembly with Sensor Shank Base for used with Z6950, Z6950-XL-IM,  Z6955, and Aqua-Fit Serio Series.

Electronics Box with Solenoid - Z6950-XL-IM

Mixing Handle for Z6950-XL-IM model used with Z6950, Z6950-XL-IM, Z6955.

Z6950 Sensor Assembly for used with Z6950, Z6950-XL-IM, Z6955, and Z6951.

Mixing Handle Plug/Cap for Z6950-XL-IM Model used with Z6950, Z6950-XL-IM, and Z6955.

Electronics Box with Solenoid used with Z6950, Z6950-XL-IM, Z6955, and Z6951.

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