Connected Product Product Image 600x600 - ZCSM-RP (Front Left)
Product Image 600x600 - ZCSM-RP (Front Left) Product Image 600x600 - ZCSM-RP (Front) Product Image 600x600 - ZCSM-RP (Front Right) Product Image 600x600 - ZCSM-RP (Back)

ZCSM-RP - Connected Remote Pressure Monitor

The Zurn Connected Remote Pressure Monitor (ZCSM-RP) allows you to monitor your water pressure and rule out any pressure problems in real time. Simply, set high- and low-pressure thresholds for real-time alerts through our secure plumbSMART™ web portal. You and your team can opt into text or email alerts, so you know as soon as they fall beyond your preset parameters. You also receive anytime-anywhere access to system pressure data for trends and predictive maintenance.

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Features And Benefits

  • Easily installs and can tie into pipes with t-fittings or can take pressure reads from existing test ports
  • Receive real-time alerts based on your customized high- or low-pressure warnings and alerts
  • Receive warnings BEFORE there is a major issue and send alerts directly to maintenance team or contractor
  • Monitor pressure anywhere and know your water pressure at any location in your building
  • Choose the floor, room and/or product you would like to monitor and install in sensitive areas where consistent pressure is important
  • Gain valuable insights and view historical low, average and high pressures
  • Establish trends, identify pressure issues and use advanced analytics to optimize system performance
  • Connect multiple remote pressure monitors to read pressure throughout your building
  • Connect a better experience and use water pressure analytics to better manage your building's overall water system and costs
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