Aquaflush Diaphragm P6000-ER15 - Chemical Resistant (Light Blue)

Toilet flusher Diaphragm P6000-ER15 can be used with AquaFlush® or AquaVantage® flush valves and is interchangeable with other brand valves. The diaphragm is made with our chemical-resistant GO BLUE® material which last up to 10x longer than the competitors’, reducing maintenance costs and extending their lifespan. When you need a replacement part for repair or maintenance of a flush valve, trust Zurn for genuine, reliable parts.

UPC: 670240552128

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Features And Benefits

  • Clog-resistant linear bypass diaphragm
  • Chemical resistant gaskets and seals for extended service life with lower maintenance costs
  • 3-year warranty
Proportion 65
ADA Compliant
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Cross Reference

Sloan: A-156-A

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