Aqua-FIT® Sensor Faucet

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Aqua-FIT® Sensor Faucet

Zurn's Aqua-FIT® Serio Series® Single Post Sensor Faucet combines high functionality and customization with simple installation. Our Aqua-FIT Battery Sensor Faucets now come standard with Hydro-X Power to deliver seamless, sustainable performance at the sink—up to ten or more years without a single battery replacement! The technology generates enough power from only a few activations a day, even with the lowest flow rate, to optimize energy and water. The Aqua-FIT® Serio Series® offers a quick and easy touchless solution for upgrading any commercial restroom.

  • Aqua-FIT® touchless sensor faucets zero in on sanitation, water efficiency, uptime, and total cost of ownership
  • 10+ years of renewable battery life with the Hydro-X Power technology
  • 4 AA alkaline batteries provide backup for continued, worry-free operation
  • Plug-in or hardwired power options available
  • Customizable features include: timeouts, line purge, sensor range, and metering mode
  • Concealed and downward-facing proximity sensor deters vandalism while improving performance
  • CEC, WaterSense®, and LEED® compliant flow rates available to meet your water-conserving needs
  • Durable cast brass body with a chrome-plated finish complies with the Safe Water Drinking Act
  • ADA compliant
  • Limited 3-year warranty

Flexible Technology

With a contemporary, streamlined design, the battery-powered Z6950-XL-S is an easy, single hole deck-installation. Power supply alternatives include hardwired, plug-in, or 10-year sustainable hydropower battery option for worry-free power and optimal reliability.

Each faucet features a concealed, downward-facing convergence-type infrared proximity sensor providing precise user detection and helping to prevent tampering. Conserve water through the predetermined amount of the metering mode. Flow control options include non-aerated and laminar flow with flow rates starting at 1.5 gpm and as low as 0.35 gpm. Choose between five timeout configurations (5, 10, 15. 30, or 60 seconds) to prevent overflow and water waste. The Aqua-FIT® Serio Series® offers a quick and easy yet elegant solution for upgrading any commercial retrofit or new project.


Z6950/Z6950-XL-IM Spout base gasket


Spout shank base for Z6950/Z6955-XL


Electronics Box with Solenoid used with Z6950, Z6950-XL-IM, Z6955, and Z6951.


Z6950 Sensor Assembly for used with Z6950, Z6950-XL-IM, Z6955, and Z6951.


Z6950-XL Spout Assembly with Sensor and Shank Base used with Z6950, Z6950-XL-IM, Z6955, and Aqua-Fit Serio Series.


Zurn replacement filter and backcheck assembly for mixing tee


Sensor Inline Connector provides pigtail cable for plug-in and hardwired units.


Z6955-XL Spout Assembly with Sensor (Less Base Shank) used with Z6950-XL and Z6950 Serio Series.


Z6955-XL Spout Assembly with Sensor Shank Base used with Z6950, Z6950-XL-IM, and Z6955.


Z6950-XL-IM Spout Assembly with Sensor Shank Base for used with Z6950, Z6950-XL-IM,  Z6955, and Aqua-Fit Serio Series.


Mixing Handle for Z6950-XL-IM model used with Z6950, Z6950-XL-IM, Z6955.

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