Aqua-FIT® Sensor Faucet

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Aqua-FIT® Sensor Faucet

Zurn's Aqua-FIT® Serio Series™ Single Post Sensor Faucet combines high functionality and customization with simple installation. Our Aqua-FIT Battery Sensor Faucets now come standard with Hydro-X Power to deliver seamless, sustainable performance at the sink—up to ten or more years without a single battery replacement! The technology generates enough power from only a few activations a day, even with the lowest flow rate, to optimize energy and water. The Aqua-FIT® Serio Series® offers a quick and easy touchless solution for upgrading any commercial restroom.

  • Aqua-FIT® touchless sensor faucets zero in on sanitation, water efficiency, uptime, and total cost of ownership
  • 10+ years of renewable battery life with the Hydro-X Power technology
  • 4 AA alkaline batteries provide backup for continued, worry-free operation
  • Plug-in or hardwired power options available
  • Customizable features include: timeouts, line purge, sensor range, and metering mode
  • Concealed and downward-facing proximity sensor deters vandalism while improving performance
  • CEC, WateSense®, and LEED compliant flow rate available to meet your water-conserving needs
  • Durable cast brass body with a chrome-plated finish complies with the Safe Water Drinking Act
  • ADA compliant
  • Limited 3-year warranty

Spout shank base for Z6950/Z6955-XL


Zurn replacement filter and backcheck assembly for mixing tee


Sensor Inline Connector provides pigtail cable for plug-in and hardwired units.


Z6955-XL Spout Assembly with Sensor Shank Base used with Z6950, Z6950-XL-IM, and Z6955.


Z6950-XL-IM Spout Assembly with Sensor Shank Base for used with Z6950, Z6950-XL-IM,  Z6955, and Aqua-Fit Serio Series.


Mixing Handle for Z6950-XL-IM model used with Z6950, Z6950-XL-IM, Z6955.

ADA Compliant ADA Compliant
Lead Free Lead Free
Retrofit or Replacement Retrofit