The Zurn Z1172 Large capacity acid resistant coated interior and exterior fabricated steel grease interceptor, with internal air relief by-pass, bronze cleanout plug (which can be used as a sampling port), and visible double wall trap seal that comes standard with pressure equalizing/flow diffusing baffle. The gasketed non-skid secured cover with removable lift handles, and flow control fitting. Regularly furnished with inlet and outlet in high position.

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Features And Benefits

  • Large capacity hydromechanical grease interceptor
  • UPC certified sizes 1600-1900
  • Above or below grade applications
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Can a Zurn grease interceptor be built with a sediment bucket?

  • ​Zurn does not recommend the use on sediment buckets inside the grease interceptor because grease tends to stick to the solids, which does not allow the grease to float to the top and be separated.  Instead, Zurn suggests the use of a solids interceptor upstream of the grease interceptor to separate any solids from the waste line before they can enter the grease interceptor.​​

What is the load rating of the standard cover for the Z1172?

  • ​The standard cover is classified as light duty, which means pedestrian traffic only.  It can withstand loads less than 2,000 lbs.  We also offer a Heavy Duty rated cover if the Z1172 will be subjected to heavier loads.​
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