Product Image 600 x 600 - OMC 1000
Product Image 600 x 600 - OMC 1000 Product Image 600 x 600 - OMC 1000 UPC Proceptor Product Image 600 x 600 - OMC 1000 Proceptor

Proceptor OMC UPC Gravity Oil Interceptor - 3 Manway Fiberglass Gravity Oil Interceptor IAPMO Certified for UPC (All Sizes)

Proceptor Triple Manway Fiberglass Gravity Grease Interceptors are engineered to deliver market leading separation and capture of wastewater hydrocarbon oil, solids and sediment. The patented fiberglass design is simple to clean and maintain, and is backed by a no-nonsense lifetime warranty against failure due to corrosion or cracking. Lightweight fiberglass construction can be easily installed in all applications, including free-standing above ground, in kitchen, or buried in landscaped or traffic load areas.

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Features And Benefits

  • Lifetime warranty for lowest total cost of ownership
  • Patented flow engineered design for peace of mind regulatory compliance
  • Smooth fiberglass construction for fast and simple cleaning and maintenance. Eliminates scraping or pressure cleaning to remove build-ups.
  • Lightweight fiberglass construction for easy installation in above ground or buried installations. Easy to place without need for special cranes or equipment.
  • IAPMO Certified as a Gravity Oil , Solids and Sediment Clarifier Interceptor for Uniform Plumbing Code and International Plumbing Code Approval
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