Sensor Flush Valve

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Product Image 600x600 - ZEMS6000AV-MOB-W1
Product Image 600x600 - ZEMS6000AV-MOB-W1


Sensor Flush Valve

Automatic flush valve ZEMS6000AV-MOB-W1 have fully configurable range adjustment sensors with 48 or 168 hour trap seal flush and capacitive sensing push button override helping commercial and industrial sector have clog resistant by-pass with dual seal.

UPC: 889934167368

  • Exposed, chrome plated 0.128 gpf sensor flush valve with wireless usage monitoring
  • Clog-resistant triple filter diaphragm
  • Chemical resistant gaskets and seals for extended service life with lower maintenance costs
  • Low voltage, hardwired in wall sensor, and override button with side mount motor operator
  • Customizable alert parameters for usage, water consumption and preventative maintenance
  • Opt in to real-time notifications via email or text
  • View dashboard-style device alerts, performance data and trends via a secure web portal with 24/7 access

Vacuum Breaker Kit used with ZEMS 6000 Series.


Closet Repair Kit Chemical and Clog Resistant Filter P6000-ECA-HET operates at 1.28 GPF to save water and improve efficiency and fits Zurn AquaVantage flush valves. Constructed of chemical resistant materials for long lasting quality and dependability, including a clog resistant, dual seal thermoplastic diaphragm with a triple filtered by-pass. This repair kit for toilet flush valve includes a triple filtered diaphragm assembly (relief valve, disc, diaphragm and guide assembly), handle repair kit, high pressure vacuum breaker repair kit and tailpiece o-ring.


Closet Repair Kit Chemical and Clog Resistant Filter P6000-ECA-WS is composed of chemical resistant material to prevent run-ons and leaks. This repair kit specifically designed for Manual flush valves doesn't include fastener. It has a 3.5 GPF AquaVantage repair kit and clog-resistant triple filtered diaphragm.


Manual Flush valve closet repair kit come with a chemical & clog resistant filter which is constructed of chemical-resistant TPE material that resists chemical infiltration which is responsible for reduction of black diaphragms life. It is designed to fit Zurn AquaFlush.




Urinal flush valve Repair Kit P6000-EUA-EWS is an AquaFlush chemical and clog-resistant rebuild kit for urinal flush valves (0.5 GPF). It contains valve repair kit, handle repair kit, vacuum breaker repair kit, and tailpiece O-ring. This flush valve repair kit is built using Zurn "Go Blue" parts resist chemical infiltration which equates to 8 to 10 times longer life than traditional black rubber components, providing great performance and long lasting durability.


Retrofit existing flush valve with the 0.125 Gal. AquaVantage flush valve diaphragm Urinal Repair Kit P6000-EUA-ULF. Constructed of chemical resistant materials which includes a dual seal thermoplastic diaphragm with a triple filtered clog resistant by-pass for great performance and long lasting durability. It is suitable for all AquaVantage manual flush valves.


Manual urinal flush valve repair kit P6000-EUA-WS fits any AquaVantage® urinal valve body and is interchangeable with any standard flush valve. It comes with a clog-resistant triple filter diaphragm and made with our chemical-resistant GO BLUE® material which last up to 10x longer than the other brand products, reducing maintenance costs and extending their lifespan.


Urinal Flush Valve repair kit P6000-EUA-WS1 has 1.0 GPF (3.8 LPF) low water consumption kit and features Zurn's "Go Blue" material which offers superior chemical resistance. This Manual flush valve repair kit is ADA designed and can be retrofit for all Zurn AquaVantage flush valves.


Manual flush valve inside plastic cover P6000-L works with AquaVantage and AquaFlush flush valves. Built using chemical-resistant Go Blue material improves service life and the versatile design allows for use with other flush valves. Our Toilet flusher's inside plastic cover is designed to last up to 10x longer than the competitors’, reducing maintenance costs and extending their lifespan.


Manual flush valve's Vandal-Resistant Control Stop Cover P6000-VC is used with 3/4 in. and 1 in. manual flush valves. Since it’s made with Robust brass construction ensures strength and durability, this toilet flusher's Vandal-Resistant Control Stop Cover stands up to chloramine and other chemicals, lasting 10x longer than competitors.


Spud Coupling Assembly P6000-H for Manual flush valve is designed to fit AquaVantage® and Aquaflush® flush valves. It’s made of metal parts, the 1 ½-inch spud nut and escutcheon, are constructed of cast brass with a chrome-plated finish. The gasket and washer is made from chemical-resistant GO BLUE® material which last up to 10x longer than the other standard assembly.


Manual Flush Valve Control Stop P6000-C-SD-CP provides long-lasting durability suitable for commercial restroom applications. This flush valve stop repair part is ideal component for replacing the fittings for a manual flush valve to the water supply and control flow through the valve. It comes with a screw that can be turned to adjust water pressure for proper flushing and to stop or start flow during maintenance.


Repair of flush valve components, rather than replacement of the entire unit, saves money and resources. Designed to fit AquaVantage® and AquaFlush® exposed manual flush valves, Zurn’s outside cover (Part no. P6000-LL-CP) is constructed of durable, chrome-plated cast brass. Zurn flush valve replacement parts and retrofit kits can be used to upgrade any diaphragm flush valve. When you need a replacement part for repair or maintenance of a flush valve, trust Zurn for genuine, reliable parts.


Closet Sensor Cover Plate with Override Hole - 4" x 4" used with ZEMS


Urinal Sensor Cover Plate - 2" x 4" used with ZEMS.


ZEMS Sensor with top bracket and fasteners


Sensor Urinal used with ZEMS.


3/4" Sweat Solder Kit w/Cast Wall Flange used with ZEMS G1 and ZEMS G2.


Chrome Plated 1-1/4" X 8 1/2" Vacuum Breaker Assembly used with ZEMS 6000 Series.


1" Sweat Solder Kit w/Cast Wall Flange used with ZEMS G1, and ZEMS G2.

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