Pressure Reducing Valve With Low Flow Bypass 4-ZW209BP

Pressure Reducing Valve With Low Flow Bypass 4-ZW209BP

Pressure Reducing Valve ZW209BP features a low flow bypass, preventing chattering of the main valve specifically from 0 to 10 GPM. Its easy-to-maintain design delivers the lowest total cost of ownership.

This PRV ZW209BP pilot assembly allows the main valve to modulate between closed and open for a constant downstream pressure, and seals shut after reaching the pilot setting to prevent possible downstream damage. Internal and external epoxy coating offers corrosion-resistance, while the isolation valves and pressure gauges provide easy setup, maintenance and repair.

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UPC: 612052206103

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Features And Benefits

  • 4" pressure reducing valve with low flow bypass
  • Holds downstream pressure to a constant value
  • Pressure gauges, wye strainer, isolation valves, and epoxy coating come standard
  • Globe, reduced port globe, and angle bodies available
  • 150 class flanged, 300 class flanged, grooved, and threaded end connections available for installation versatility
  • Ideal for accommodating both high and low flow rates
Proportion 65
Lead Free
Retrofit or Replacement
Zurn Wilkins
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