Automatic Control Valve ZW207 protects downstream equipment from over-pressurization which closes in the event of high supply pressure. Standard features ease maintenance and repair, and provide the lowest total cost of ownership.

In addition this water regulator comes standard with epoxy coating internally and externally for corrosion protection, as well as isolation valves and pressure gauges for quick and easy maintenance or repair.

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Features And Benefits

  • Closes drip tight preventing an over-pressure condition
  • Used to prevent damage to down-stream pressure sensitive equipment
  • Pressure gauge, wye strainer, isolation valves, and epoxy coating come standard to simplify start-up and maintenance
  • Globe, reduced port globe, and angle bodies available
  • 150 class flanged, 300 class flanged, grooved, and threaded end connections available for installation versatility
  • Commonly used in conjunction with a ZW209 for system redundancy
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Does Zurn Wilkins manufacture a valve that will shut off the water supply in the event that a Pressure Reducing Valve fails?

  • ​Yes. The Zurn Wilkins ZW207 Excess Pressure Shutdown Valve is an Automatic Control Valve designed to shut off the water in the event of an over-pressure condition.  The valve's shutdown pressure is adjustable by the end user, typically set approximately 10 psi higher than the Pressure Reducing Valve.  In the event that the Pressure Reducing valve fails, The ZW207 will shut off the water supply, thus protecting downstream equipment from damage due to high pressure.  For more information, please visit our web site at

When the ZW207 Excess Pressure Shutdown Valve shuts off the water supply, does the valve have to be reset when the pressure returns to normal?

  • ​The ZW207 Excess Pressure Shutdown Valve does not require any form of resetting.  Upon the pressure dropping down to its normal setting, the ZW207 will reopen and allow flow to occur.  For more product information, please visit our web site at
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