The Zurn Wilkins 475STDAV Stainless Steel n-Pattern Reduced Pressure Principle Vertical Assembly (RPDAV) withstands the corrosive effects of water and allows for installation in systems when inlet and outlet flows up.  Ideal for new or direct drop-in replacement delivering convenience without compromise. For fire protection applications, with a metered by-pass to detect leaks and other water use.

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Features And Benefits

  • Only approved means of installing Reduced Principle Pressure Backflow Preventer in a vertical configuration
  • Superior stainless steel body to resist corrosion and extend the product life
  • Smaller footprint for direct drop-in replacement
  • Time-tested check and relief valve components ensure easy maintenance and more water system uptime
  • Patented compound checks provide ultra-low pressure drop as documented by approval authorities, reducing the need for a booster pump
  • Available in sizes 4"-10"
  • OS&Y Gate Valves (Standard)
  • Butterfly Valves (Optional)
  • Metered by-pass to detect leaks and other water use and can be situated on either side of product for ease of installation
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Zurn Wilkins
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