The Zurn Wilkins 950XL Double Check Valve Assembly is a wye pattern backflow preventer used in low hazard, non potable applications.

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Features And Benefits

  • Short lay length, wye pattern, bronze body construction
  • Replaceable Noryl® seats and silicone seal rings
  • Designed for non-health hazards
Zurn Wilkins
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Repair Parts

3/4" - 1" Model 950XL Complete Repair Kit

3/4" - 1" Model Complete with Seats Repair Kit

3/4" - 1" Model 950XL/XLT/XLT2 Rubber Repair Kit

3/4" - 1" Model 950XL/XLT/XLT2 Rubber Pro Repair Kit

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What are the restrictions for water temperature in back flow devices?

  • ​All Backflow Prevention Assemblies must be rated to a minimum of 140 degrees F.  If a manufacturer desires a higher temperature rating, the Assembly must successfully pass a Thermal Loop test at the requested temperature, and administered by the Approva lAuthority.  Should the Assembly pass the Thermal Loop test, the Assembly can now be rated at the higher temperature.  For information on the temperature rating of any particular Assembly, please visit zurn.com.  The Specification Submittal Sheet for the Assembly in question will show the rated working water temperature for the valve in question.
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