The Pressure-Tru® Z3004 2-1/2" Pressure Reducing Fire Sprinkler Control Valve with female pipe thread is listed as a floor control valve in automatic sprinkler systems as well as a standpipe valve for class I and class III systems.

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Features And Benefits

  • Field adjustable outlet pressure settings
  • Open-close indicating feature
  • Serves as a floor control valve
  • Regulates pressure under both FLOW and NO-FLOW conditions.
Zurn Wilkins
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What data do I need to provide to the factory to have a Fire Valve factory set?

  • ​To factory set a Fire Valve, Zurn Wilkins requires the Static(non-flowing) Inlet Pressure, the Residual(flowing) Inlet Pressure, the Flow Rate in Gallons per Minute(GPM), and the desired Residual Outlet Pressure.  Applying this data to the Fire Valve Setting Program, available at zurn.com, the proper setting of the valve will be described.  For more information, please contact the Zurn Wilkins Customer Care team at 855.663.9876.  Applicable products:Z2100, Z2105, Z3000, Z3004, Z3005, ZW4100, ZW4104, ZW4000, ZW4004  
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