Floor Drains: Effortless Water Removal

Finish Construction Ahead of Schedule

Time is money. Our newest line of floor drains can save 14 minutes per installation. At Zurn, we design plumbing products to save time and reduce costs, assisting in meeting construction deadlines. Our products not only save time during installation, but also save time by requiring less frequent maintenance, leaving you time to focus on other things.

Why Zurn Floor Drains?

Fast setup

Fast Setup

Sold complete and ready to install, EZ1 is an intuitive product that saves contractors time and money. We’ve gone the extra mile to spare you a step or two with a system that’s user friendly and compared to similar products simple to integrate.

Integrated Engineering

Integrated Engineering

Integrated system simplifies installation and ensures no lost components on job site.

Labor Saving

Labor Saving

Save 14 minutes per installation by utilizing EZ1 technology.

Easiest Installation

Easiest Installation Ever

The EZ1 tilt adjustment drain includes an easy post-pour drain adjustment and tilt accessory package, delivers high-level functionality and requires minimal skill to install or maintain. Unlike our competitors, EZ1’s strainer is built into the assembly and lifts with the PC cover to ease contractor labor.

Long Term Durability

Long Term Durability

Whether Cast Iron or Plastic, EZ1 is crafted to stand up against wear and tear over the product’s lifecycle. It continues the Zurn tradition of adding value, building trust through superior knowledge, reducing difficulty and placing the customer first.

Built for the Job Site

Built for the Job Site

Robust design withstands 3,000 lbs load during construction and offers protection from job-site debris with a protective drain grate sticker.

Where are commercial floor drains a good fit?


Trench floor drains are necessary for keeping a commercial building sanitary. Breweries push harsh chemicals, high heat and yeast through their drainage systems every day. Stainless steel drains keep the harsh chemicals from breaking down and creating a problem down the line. Pushing 200 to 300 gallons daily of caustic acid, sanitizer, or hot water down their drains pushes the limits of a commercial floor drain. Our building drains are proven to withstand heavy daily use and abuse.

Hospitality and Residential Buildings

The hospitality industry depends on booking as many guests as possible. Zurn's light-duty floor drains give you peace of mind knowing that Zurn's drains are durable and built to last in many different environments. Our adjustable drains permit contractors a way to adjust the finished drain after pouring the base of the floor. The EZ1 post pour drain solution comes with pre-packaged shims for tilt correction, allowing your contractors' work to look picture perfect with less effort.

For residential buildings with multiple floors, a roof drainage system allows water to drain to the ground without potential damage the building. Zurn's primary drains work efficiently to get water off the roof quickly. And in case one drain is not enough, a dual outlet drain can cover the rest in case the first becomes blocked or overflows.

Maintenance and Vehicle Storage

Vehicles require maintenance to keep them running as intended. Commercial garages take on the job of oil changes and overall repair, allowing grease, oil and other liquids to drain into the floor drain cover. Maintenance rooms, parking lots, and wash down areas such as car washes, also take on large amounts of liquid on a daily basis. Of course in any maintenance or parking area, there may be dirt and other debris that may get washed down the drain that may harm pipes. Thankfully, sediment can collect in a floor drain basket inside the drain to prevent larger debris from entering the plumbing, saving you the trouble of fixing a blockage.

Food Service

When restaurants have multiple appliances that need to be drained indirectly, a hub drain is necessary with any floor sink or sanitary drain. Oils and fat can cause clogs in standard floor drains, and a hub drain is a long-term durable solution in the food service industry. Our hub drains are stainless steel and corrosion-resistant for daily use.


In the manufacturing industry, safety is a number one priority. To assist with that, our Z1800 Industrial stainless steel drains feature metal lugs around the circumference of the drain. These metal lugs make the drain stable and level, preventing any injury, should any employee step on the floor drain cover.