Repair Parts: Maintain your fleet of plumbing products

Zurn has a 100-year tradition of developing quality engineered products to meet the growing needs of water conservation, water safety, water control and water comfort. Our products are interchangeable with competitors to bring you the best products possible, without replacing an entire installation.

Why use Zurn repair parts?

Zurn Flush Valve
  • Reduce Water Consumption
  • Less Maintenance
  • Superior Durable Design
  • Lead-Free Products
  • Interchangeable Upgrades

Advanced Chemical Resistance

Zurn faucet repair parts are manufactured using thermoplastic elastomers, a material that lasts 8-10 times longer than Permex, the black rubber material used by Sloan®. Zurn quarter-turn ceramic disc faucet cartridges are engineered for high volume use applications and provide superior leak prevention.

Industry Leading Filterability

Clog-resistant, triple-filtered, and linear-filtered by-pass diaphragms in our flush valve repair kits provide repeatable flush performance and help prevent run-ons and leaks compared to traditional dual-filtered diaphragms

Water Conservation and Lead-Free Products

Water is the earth’s most precious resource and essential to sustaining life on our planet. We all have a responsibility to be good stewards of our environment. Zurn's toilet flush valve repair parts last longer than Sloan® Rubber Permex and have consistent flush volumes, saving money and avoiding costly double flushing. Zurn commercial faucet repair kit cartridges and spouts contain less than 0.25% lead content, therefore complying with lead-free legislation, NSF 61/9, and providing a safer and healthier product for the end-user. Outdoor faucet repair kits can also help your building maintain landscaping in the area. Avoid lead poisoning in the plant life around your building with lead-free outdoor faucet repair parts

Sensor Upgrades

The majority of flush valves that have been installed over the past 20 years are manually operated. Sensor technology for flush valves has been developed to automatically flush urinals and toilets which reduces bacteria transfer, increases restroom hygiene, and limits excess manual flushing of fixtures. Flush valve repair kit units provide an opportunity to retrofit these valves and upgrade their performance to the latest technology. Zurn manufactures superior replacement sensor faucet parts and motion sensor faucet repair kits that fit on Sloan® and Zurn products.


All Zurn GO BLUE parts are interchangeable with Sloan Regal®/ Royal® Flush Valves. When you replace inferior automatic faucet parts with Zurn automatic faucet repair parts, you upgrade to the superior performance and reliability you’ve come to know and trust from Zurn. Zurn commercial spouts, aerators, and quarter-turn ceramic disc cartridges are interchangeable to fit within Chicago Faucet products.

Keep Potable Water Clean

Zurn's backflow preventer parts are designed to allow fluids to flow forward while automatically stopping reverse flow. There can be various degrees of risks to the fluids on the downstream side of preventer parts, and this will affect the determination of the appropriate part. Confidently reach for Zurn products to actively prevent polluted water from contaminating your building's potable water

The selection of a backflow preventer repair kit includes the consideration of the model, cost, weight, and reparability ease. Choose Zurn backflow prevention device parts that have passed the most rigorous test standards while adhering to stringent building codes. Check out our range of time-tested and most reliable backflow repair parts. Zurn also carries sprinkler backflow preventer parts for fire emergencies.

What Does Zurn Offer?

Zurn offers a wide variety of products, so we also carry a large number of repair parts for those products. Whatever needs repairing or retrofitting, we have the part for you!

Building Drainage

-Carriers and fixture supports

-Floor drains, roof drains, cleanouts


-Traps primers and specialties

-Floor sinks

-Frame and grate systems

-Stainless steel drainage

-Installation and repair kits

Finish Plumbing Parts



-Flush valves

-Showering parts

-Specialty lavatories and service sinks

-Tubular brass

-Repair kits

Water Safety and Control Parts

-Large Diameter backflow preventers

-Small diameter backflow preventers

-Pressure vacuum breakers

-Single check/ dual check

-Atmospheric vacuum breakers

-Pressure-reducing valves

-Wye strainers

-Repair kits

How to Repair Videos

Looking for how to install or repair? Look no further! Our collection of maintenance videos show you how to install and repair our products.

Finished Plumbing Maintenance

Building Drainage Maintenance

Water Safety and Control Parts Maintenance