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Zurn Wilkins is a recognized leader in commercial, municipal and industrial markets. We're one of America's most trusted names in backflow preventers, automatic control valves, and pressure reducing valves. We offer products that are easy to maintain and have the lowest cost of ownership.

Backflow Preventers

Our backflow preventers lead the industry in ease of installation, low maintenance costs and reliability under pressure.

  • Lowest cost of ownership of any manufacturer
  • Available in ductile iron and stainless steel bodies
  • Ideal for new construction, retrofit or replacement of existing assemblies
  • Assemblies available in flange x flange, flange x groove and groove x groove end OS&Y, post indicator or butterfly configurations

Automatic Control Valves

What sets Zurn Wilkins ACVs apart?

  • Valve design focused on simplifying maintenance and repair
  • Isolation valves as a standard option allow for ease of service and maintenance
  • Union connections simplify pilotry repairs
  • Hex on main valve stem allows for use of standard tools
  • Included pressure guages allow for constant system monitoring
  • Stainless steel hardware resists corrosion
  • Simplified maintenance with readily available repair kits
  • Matches common industry lay lengths for ease of replacemenmt

Pressure Reducing Valves

Used on potable water systems to reduce high inlet pressure to a lower outlet-set pressure.

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Variety of connection options
  • Shortest lay length in its class
  • New 500XL3 offers flow rates that approach the performance of an ACV
  • Internal bypass that prevents pressure buildup caused by thermal expansion

Additional Products

We also offer a wide range of grooved couplings and fittings, fire valves and products including gate valves, wye strainers, freeze relief valves, test kits and more.

Also available are stainless steel WBR risers in grooved or flanged outlet connections, ideal for connecting municipal water supplies to buildings.


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Zurn Elkay helps advance human health and sustainability with products that reduce water and plastic waste and help achieve wellness and stewardship goals.

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Protecting the environment with touchless hand drying that saves 250,000 trees a year

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Zurn Elkay water conservation products saved 34 billion gallons of water in 2021

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Recycling valuable resources with partitions made from 91% recycled content

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