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The Comfort of Confidence

With guests constantly coming and going, providing a safe and sanitary environment is an around-the-clock job. You don’t have a minute to waste on plumbing issues. Zurn provides hospitality customers with superior water solutions that are durable, affordable and easy to maintain. Zurn delivers the lowest lifecycle costs so that you can focus on delivering an unforgettable experience for your guests.

The expression 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is usually an exaggeration. Not so when it comes to hospitality. You’re constantly welcoming guests. You’re always focused on keeping them comfortable and safe. You don’t have time to spend worrying about operational costs or scheduling repairs for your properties’ water systems. 

Zurn’s plumbing systems are the answer for guest rooms and mechanical spaces. You need enduring performance. We deliver with products that last with the lowest cost of ownership over their lifespan. Easy to repair. Easy to maintain. Zurn—Easy choice.

Zurn Flush Valve

Healthy Guests, Happy Guests

An exceptional guest experience is only possible with expected safety and sanitation. Zurn safeguards against contamination in your restrooms and kitchens with lead-free faucets and hydrants.  Eliminate ponding water to keep your parking lots and walkways clear with custom linear drainage solutions.  We protect your guests, employees and property—inside and out.


Comfortable Elegance

Your water system has a major influence on your guests’ comfort. Ensure a pleasant stay and a welcoming environment with Zurn products. Provide an outdoor oasis by enhancing your landscape with reliable irrigation and drainage.  Select modern, water-efficient restroom elements to create an inviting, spa-like atmosphere. Balance beauty and performance to enhance the experience. 

Zurn Flush Valve

Flawless Performance

When your property isn’t performing at 100%, your guests’ experience suffers.  Zurn products are designed for longevity and easy maintenance so that you can get back to business as quickly as possible. When you update your building with products that reduce upkeep, you enable non-stop operation. You’re protected against downtime with simplified maintenance and dependable, locally available parts

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