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Confidence: From Construction to Customer Experience

Zurn’s products are made to measure up to high-traffic retail locations where business depends on plumbing durability. From development to day-to-day operations, Zurn can help keep you on schedule, on budget and operational.

Durability is critical in high-traffic retail locations where customers and employees demand reliable performance without interruption. Zurn products are proven to stand up to the rigorous conditions that retail locations require while delivering the lowest costs over the products’ lifespan.

Zurn’s focus on performance and efficiency ensures that while your customers enjoy a premium shopping experience, you enjoy cost savings through extended reliability and efficiency. We provide one point of contact to simplify your challenges, from installation to maintenance. With Zurn, you can stop wasting time on your water system and focus on delivering an outstanding customer shopping experience.



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Less Downtime

The smallest local convenience stores and the biggest national chains have at least one thing in common—they can't afford to have business affected by their plumbing. That’s why Zurn has developed tools, processes and products that consider our customers and our customers' customers.

We work with your construction schedule to meet on-site demands. We streamline our repair and maintenance kits for easy sourcing and shipment. We've made our products easy to install and maintain through simple, superior design. We've even made our website easy to navigate with instructions that provide answers to your team's technical questions.


More applications

Zurn products have the flexibility to meet the needs of any business. Our thousands of product options—ranging from material, installation, function, accessories and aesthetic options—means that our customers don’t have to choose between visual appeal and top performance. Whether floor drains or top-mount flush valves, behind the wall or part of the visual design, Zurn products will provide an inviting shopping environment.

Zurn Flush Valve

Peak Efficiency

Going Green” is no longer an option. It’s an expectation. That’s why Zurn’s water saving devices are geared to better manage resources without compromising expected comfort or performance. For instance, our Watersense-listed products are designed to create the highest achievable water efficiencies to facilitate your plans for LEED® certification..

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