Improving Compliance and Saving Money with Grease Interceptor Monitors

Grease interceptors may be out of sight in commercial kitchens, but rarely are they out of mind or off the monthly balance sheet. JPG Plumbing & Mechanical is taking the worry out of interceptor compliance for restaurants in the Maryland area with the SmartPro Interceptor Monitoring System by Zurn Elkay Water Solutions. JPG moves restaurants to demand-based interceptor pumping with significant cost savings.

“One JPG customer went from pumping every month for compliance to pumping every quarter based on their actual need,” says John Geiling, President and CEO, JPG Plumbing & Mechanical. “The data presents itself through the SmartPro System. At $450 dollars per pump at 200 stores, this customer could save up to $720,000 a year.”

SmartPro is the only grease interceptor monitoring system that uses ultrasonic monitoring rather than clog-prone direct contact alarms. SmartPro provides real-time data on grease/oil level, solids/sediment level, total liquid level, temperature, and battery life for wireless, allowing JPG to monitor customers’ interceptors remotely. When there is a problem in the interceptor or down the line, JPG can respond faster to prevent costly backups and catastrophic overflows.

“With frequent personnel changes, it’s difficult to have consistent oversight of the interceptor,” says Geiling. “When interceptors overflow, it's a really costly problem. Now our customers know we are monitoring their interceptors with SmartPro, and they don't have to worry about overflow or compliance issues.”

SmartPro allows restaurants and contractors to replace estimates with real-time data to confidently meet regulatory requirements and avoid potential fines for backups or overflows that dump illegally into the municipal wastewater system. They can select their best monitoring solution from options such as wireless radio, cell network or gateway cloud solutions and building automation connectivity.

“We’re using SmartPro to improve the quality of every pump by knowing the actual levels in the tank,” said Geiling. “That helps customers stay in compliance and keeps haulers accountable. The data gives a good look at the tank from a quality assurance perspective. Restaurants can make sure they're getting what they pay for when they get pumped.”

SmartPro’s real-time visibility into interceptor performance helps restaurants maintain quality performance and create cost savings. The move to demand-based pumping also reduces unnecessary cleaning and related waste.

SmartPro has enabled JPG to transform its approach to interceptor pumping. With remote monitoring, JPG provides improved service and savings to customers, and expands its pumping service capacity. The SmartPro also helps customers be good stewards through protecting wastewater systems and through minimizing resources by eliminating unnecessary pumps needed to keep a clean system. All this from a system that typically takes less than 60 minutes to install.

“We're trying to do more with new technology, and Zurn is doing a lot of the things we want to deploy to our customers,” says Geiling. “Technology-driven solutions and monitoring allow us to help our customers understand their needs a little bit better.”

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