Release Date: December 13, 2016

A Time-Tested Success: the Zurn Wilkins 300 Series Small Backflow Preventers

Innovative EZSwap™ Pressure Vessel Saves Time and Money

Milwaukee, WI – Zurn Industries, LLC marks the tenth anniversary of its successful time and money-saving Zurn Wilkins 300 Series Small Backflow Preventer line with the newly renamed innovation, the EZSwap™ Pressure Vessel. The Zurn EZSwap enables plumbing and irrigation professionals to do their jobs faster for a variety of different purposes.

“Whether it’s about a backflow installation, test, or maintenance, Zurn has received great feedback over the years about the 300 Series,” says Rick Fields, Product Manager, Zurn. “Plumbers, backflow testers, and contractors say it positively impacts their bottom line since their crews spend less time at each job.”

Zurn distributors offer the 300 Series Small Backflow Preventer in unique pre-packaged custom editions for increased profitability.

For New Construction Plumbers and Irrigation Contractors, the Zurn Wilkins EZSwap Pressure Vessel is removed and replaced with the flush fitting tool in seconds. Line flushing to remove fouling debris is fast, simple and safe. An easy single-person line flushing saves up to 15 minutes per unit.

For Backflow Testers, the Zurn Wilkins 300 Series Tester Edition Backflow Preventer includes the additional advantage of fast-test cocks, speeding testing set-up and saving up to 35 minutes in repair and re-build time. By keeping a spare EZSwap on hand, the tester avoids the hassle and cost of a second repair appointment – and maintenance and repairs can be performed off-line in the safety of a vehicle or shop. The EZSwap Pressure Vessels are re-buildable for future use.

For Winterizing Irrigation Contractors, the Zurn Wilkins 300 Series Irrigation Winterizing Edition Backflow Preventer includes a blow-out accessory that replaces the EZSwap Pressure Vessel in seconds, allowing the contractor to hook up their air compressor to winterize systems and prevent costly freeze damage. For the initial start-up and when warm weather returns, the BOF accessory allows simple line flushing, and the EZSwap is quickly re-installed for easy start-up.

Zurn estimates that reduced labor and repair kit costs yield savings of 75 percent or more over the backflow life-cycle in comparison to other models on the market.

For more information about the Zurn Wilkins 300 Series, visit Be sure to visit the OneZurn YouTube Channel for step-by-step flushing, troubleshooting and repair videos.

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