Hydro•X Power

The Reliable, Sustainable and Smart Solution

Zurn flush valves and faucets featuring Hydro•X Power® technology deliver on performance. They generate and store power from the source — the water flowing through the fixture — which replaces an endless supply of costly batteries and hardwiring.

The result is sustainable performance through renewable, uninterrupted hydropower designed to last the life expectancy of your commercial restroom.

It’s a fact! A decade without tossing batteries into our landfills is a great thing. But efficiency goes beyond less waste and energy. It should make life easier ― for Hydro•X Power flush valves and faucets that means simpler installation, fewer maintenance requests and a better user experience. We engineered our Hydro•X Power fixtures for convenience and minimal environmental impact and effort. See how we make sustainability easy.


Here's how Zurn uses this innovative technology to transform energy from flowing water into a renewable, sustainable solution.

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High Performance, Low Maintenance

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Hydro•X Power technology harvests and stores energy with just a few activations per day. It delivers sustainable performance by providing uninterrupted hydropower designed to last the life of your commercial restroom – without frequent and costly battery replacements.

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These flush valves and faucets feature our EZ Gear technology, a gear-driven ceramic cartridge that is less susceptible to debris and buildup for easy maintenance. It outlasts and outperforms solenoids.

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Flush valves require no hard wiring or battery replacement, which translates to a quicker installation and lower installation and maintenance costs.

Faucets require no special wiring, which means contractors can skip the upfront costs and extra steps typically required for high-use applications.

Zurn delivers the complete touchless, restroom for complete confidence