Hydro•X Power

Sustainability Made Easy

Our touchless sensor faucets feature hydropower to deliver sustainability at the sink. The technology is efficient two ways. First, Hydro•X Power generates power from the source itself - the water already flowing through the faucet. Then, it harvests energy with just a few activations. Combined, each fixture delivers up to ten years of uninterrupted battery life.

We can all agree that a decade without tossing batteries in our landfills is a good thing. But efficiency goes beyond less waste and energy. It should make life easier - simpler installation, fewer maintenance requests and an overall better user experience. We engineered our Hydro•X Power line for minimal environmental impact and effort. Whether you're installing the faucet of activating its hands-free stream, see how we made sustainability easy. 

Hydropower is highly proven

This remarkable technology generates power directly from the water source, harnessing the energy from the water already flowing through the faucet. By using the water's natural flow, our faucets reduce the need for external power sources, making them incredibly eco-friendly.

There's a lot to be said about hydropower and why we've relied on turbine technologies for centuries. Here's how we transformed the energy from flowing water into one of our most innovative faucet solutions yet.

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High Performance, Low Maintenance

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10-Year Battery Life

Hydro•X Power harvests energy with just a few activations per day. The technology extends the faucet's battery life for up to 10 years or more of uninterrupted power.

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High-Efficiency Design

Maximize power without impact to flow volume. High-efficiency design delivers consistent flow volumes from 0.35 gpm to 1.5 gpm and above.

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Simplified Install

No special wiring means contractors can skip the upfront costs and extra steps typically required for high-use applications.

Zurn delivers the complete touchless, smart restroom for complete confidence.