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Whether it’s a 24-hour carwash or a five-star restaurant, reputations rest on a smooth operation. Give your customers and our environment the advantage of Zurn Green Turtle’s patented systems. Customize a solution that’s ready to take on any industry and outperform years down the line.

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Grease Interceptor

With all that goes into running a business, standing still simply isn’t an option for your customers. That’s why, fats, oils, and grease – with outcomes like odor, clogged pipes, safety concerns, or even environmental fines – make such unwanted guests.

The Proceptor follows a proprietary manufacturing process in our state-of-the-art ISO certified facility. Its patented distributed flow pattern and corrosion resistant fiberglass material capture FOG before it clogs pipes, enters the sewer waste system, or spoils a successful operation.

No matter how tough the environment or the application, we customize configurations to work with your requirements and keep working long after installation. You’ll leave lasting performance (and a great impression) with every system install. Plus, all Proceptors are backed by a lifetime warranty.

"Proceptor is an extremely efficient design. It’s structurally strong. It’s very well thought out. It’s a simple, elegant solution. It performs and it’s got a lifetime warranty. We look at it this is a selling point we can give our clients. You’re not going to have to worry ten years later. You’re not going to have to replace it again."

Warren Rosenbrook, P.E. CPD, Henderson Engineers

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Every jobsite varies in challenges and capacity. To meet demand, we added two PDI G101 certified models to our line and shortened the turnaround time. The FOG-ceptor family now includes a 50 GPM tank, 75 GPM tank and the original 100 GPM tank. All three dimensions remain stocked in our service centers. That way, you can expect a 24-48 hour order window. Find the FOG-ceptor that meets your project requirements and timeline. All systems are backed by a no-nonsense lifetime warranty, so our word is as solid as the design. View Fog-Ceptor Technical Info here.

In Kitchen Grease Interceptors

In-Kitchen Grease Interceptor

Fast acting, yet compact, our hydro-mechanical grease interceptor can stand the heat (so it can stay in the kitchen). The patented flow configuration handles fats, oil, grease, and whatever else you throw its way. The design prevents turbulence – ultimately eliminating the risk of cross-contamination. 

It also helps prevent costly calls to the plumber every time there’s a backup or questionable smell. The system won’t rust, leak, or clog, even with high volumes and highly corrosive foods. Its tough polymer construction, industrial-style lid gasket, and non-removable thumb screws keep odors locked in and out of the food prep area. Your customers won’t experience foul odors or slippery floor conditions.

Best of all, the smaller footprint installs under the sink and out of the way, no problem. Every unit comes with a 20-year warranty, making it a worthwhile purchase for retrofits or new construction.

Oil and Sediment Interceptors

Oil and Sediment Separator

When it comes to oil, fuel, sediment and sudsy cleaners, concrete can’t cut it. Concrete oil separators fail over time from rust, corrosion, cracking and settling, exposing the surrounding soil to hydrocarbon oils and other pollutants, threatening the environments and driving up costs for replacement and fines.

Move over for the Proceptor. The Proceptor oil and sediment separator optimizes capture and retention of vehicle fluids, hydrocarbon oil, and sediments that can harm soil and our precious watershed. It’s ready for anything and handles high flow-through traffic, over and over.

The system can meet any capacity or application, from quick carwashes to sizeable commercial fleet maintenance facilities. Investing in a Proceptor minimizes operational risk for costly soil remediation and EPA fines from oil leaks or spills. It’s a responsible choice for any business and our environment.


Coffee Ground Interceptors

Whether it’s a java chain or a local cafe, specialty coffee shops are in hot demand. And with every frothy caramel double-shot concoction, comes a latte of coffee grounds, collecting in sink pipe and creating backups. Don’t lose steam during the daily grind.

Microceptor™ is built from a super-strength polymer to withstand the demands of a commercial kitchen. The unit easily installs under the sink where coffee-making utensils are routinely washed and serviced. The integral gasketed compression fitting connects easily and securely.

Its design is simple, yet efficient. The flow-through filtration system can be maintained and emptied by restaurant staff with minimal effort so it won’t interrupt productivity when there’s a line out the door. Kitchen staff can dispose the grounds in the trash as they normally would, and let Microceptor capture the rest of the debris when rinsing out utensils and cups in the sink. Added perk – every unit is backed by a 10-year warranty.



How do businesses know their grease interceptor is full? Play it smart, not by ear. Smartpro™ Wireless RF monitoring system, allows business owners and their maintenance crew to check grease, oil and sediment levels in the tank with the push of a button, instead of lifting a heavy manway cover or ripping up your parking lot to install a pricey system with a monthly fee.

Now, customers can manage pumping frequency and associated costs. No more outsourcing system management – it’s all in house and in their control. Smartpro also gives business owners confidence that their business is compliant and won’t be fined for exceeding the effluent limits.

Installation and setup are fast, requiring no backhoe or electrician. Smartpro can be retrofitted into existing systems, as well as new installations. Control panel can be hardwire connected to Building Automation Systems for additional control.

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Protect the Environment and Your Business

Water is the most precious shared resource – vital for many aspects of daily life. By taking proper measures, we can protect it together.

Clogs form when fats, oils and grease are improperly discarded, such as being washed down sinks or floor drains. In time, these practices cause sewer backups, costs to repair, and ultimately harm to the environment. Failing interceptors can also contaminate the surrounding soil and groundwater. Even with diligent maintenance and protective coating, you can’t avoid seepage once a system begins failing.

We can make a positive impact on businesses and our environment. Installing a quality interceptor is a responsible choice your customers and you can feel good about.