Hardwired Automatic Integral Sensor Flush Valve For Water Closets

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Hardwired Automatic Integral Sensor Flush Valve For Water Closets

The automatic flush valve zems6000av-is contains hard wired ZEMS Flush Valve w/Integral Sensor 1.6 gpf for significant water conservation and long-lasting cost savings and ideal for commercial use. The sensor built onto valve eliminates hassle of battery replacements for a continuously powered application.It is ideal for all types of buildings as this consumes low voltage, has integrated sensor, and is side-mounted motor operator enables easy installation and usage.

  • Clog-resistant triple filter diaphragm
  • Chemical resistant gaskets and seals for extended service life with lower maintenance costs
  • Low voltage, integrated sensor, and side-mounted motor operator for easy installation and usage
  • 3-year warranty

Sensor For Flush Valve and Closet ZEMS - PEMS6000-26 has aquaSense® ZEMS electronic sensor replacement parts and accessories that provide long-lasting durability suitable for commercial restroom applications. This sensor flush valve part fits water closets and are hardwired for reliable hands-free operation.


Repair of flush valve components, rather than replacement of the entire unit, saves money and resources. Zurn’s replacement actuator assembly (Part no. PEMS6000-HYM) is designed for ZEMS sensor flush valves. ZEMS hardwired flush valves provide consistent and reliable motorized operation, detecting the user with precision for high-performance flushing operation. They feature a quiet GO BLUE® diaphragm with a clog-resistant bypass and chloramine-resistant seals for an extended lifespan and lower maintenance costs. When you need a replacement part for repair or maintenance of a flush valve, trust Zurn for genuine, reliable parts.


Flush valve PEMS6000-HYM-IS incorporates a motorized actuator, an integral infrared convergence-type proximity sensor and a manual push-button override into an all-metal, polished chrome plated housing. The Sensor range on this toilet flusher automatically adjusts to its environment at power up and is powered by a 7.6 VDC power converter.


Cast Wall Flange used with Z6000, Z6003, Z6001, Z6200, Z6203, Z6201, ZH6000, ZH6003, ZH6001, ZEMS G2, ZGEN6200, ZER, ZTR, Z6200PEV, ZTS6200EV, ZEMS – IS.


Closet Sensor Cover Plate with Override Hole - 4" x 4" used with ZEMS


Urinal Sensor Cover Plate - 2" x 4" used with ZEMS.


ZEMS Sensor with top bracket and fasteners


Sensor Urinal used with ZEMS.


Flush Tube Assembly – 1-1/4" used with ZGEN6200, ZER, ZTR, ZEMS – IS, VB Tubes.


Chrome Plated 1-1/4" X 8 1/2" Vacuum Breaker Assembly used with ZEMS 6000 Series.


Stop Nut/Coupling - CP. Used with Z6000, Z6003, Z6001, Z6200, Z6203, Z6201, ZH6000, ZH6003, ZH6001, ZGEN6200, ZEMS G2, ZGEN6200, ZER, Z6200PEV, ZEG6003EV, ZEMS – IS, Stops Tailpieces.


1" SD Stop - CP with Vandal-Resistant Cover (AV) used with ZEMS-IS Series.