Automatic Control Valve ZW215FP

Automatic Control Valve ZW215FP

The ZW215FP Fire Pump Suction Control Valve, with grooved connections, is used to control suction pressure for Fire Suppression Systems to prevent fire pumps from over-drawing from the water supply, causing damage to the pump or supply network due to low or negative pressures on the fire pump suction side. The ZW215FP prevents cavitation and potential backflow conditions by maintaining a minimum inlet pressure to a Fire Protection Pump. Its internal and external epoxy coating resist corrosion, and the test cock on the sensing port allows for quick bleeding of the sensing line.

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Features And Benefits

  • Maintains a minimum inlet pressure to a Fire Protection Pump, preventing cavitation
  • Wye strainer and epoxy coating come standard to simplify maintenance and provide corrosion resistance
  • 150 class flanged, 300 class flanged, grooved, and threaded end connections available for installation versatility
  • Globe and angle bodies available
Retrofit or Replacement
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Does the ZW215FP release water when it is in the closed position?

  • ​Yes.  There is a small discharge when the valve goes into the closed position.  The amount of discharge is very minute, and can easily be directed to a floor drain.  For more product information, please visit our web site at:
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