Zurn offers a complete line of innovative and reliable products engineered to deliver on style and performance. We make thoughtful, innovative fixtures that help customers meet sustainability goals with minimal environmental impact. And our next-level smart products add efficiency to your workplace.

Providing a Better User Experience

Zurn's Hydro•X Power® flush valves and faucets with EZ Gear deliver a winning combination of a gear-driven ceramic cartridge and hydropower. The result is a superior restroom experience paired with an attractive design, so you compromise on nothing.

  • Sustainable Power
  • Reliable Operation
  • Water Efficient
  • Sleek Design
  • ADA Compliant
  • Soft Close Eliminates Water Hammer

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The Perfect Pairing

Hydro•X Power delivers sustainable performance by providing renewable, uninterrupted hydropower to fixtures designed to last the life of a commercial restroom. Pair our Hydro•X faucets and flush valves to maximize sustainability goals and reduce waste without compromising on design.

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No Solenoid, No Problems

Our gear-driven ceramic cartridge drives both flush valves and faucets for maximum reliability, while minimizing maintenance and unplanned downtime. It's less susceptible to debris and buildup and outlasts and outperforms solenoids.

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