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Zurn Elkay is a proud corporate sponsor of the American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE).

Healthy hydration is imperative to hospital staff retention

Hydration is a critical key to the overall wellness and performance of hospital staff. Providing water that is easily accessible and safer to drink can increase wellness and create a happier work environment for nurses and doctors, contributing to lower turnover.

Read our white paper about best practices.

Flushing is the future of hospital water safety

More than half of Legionella cases in the US are linked to building water systems. Our industry-leading flushing technology reduces the risk of Legionella and other waterborne healthcare-acquired infections. When paired with sensors, bacteria-inhibiting surfaces and components that reduce water stagnation and age, Zurn Elkay delivers best-in-class water safety and point of use solutions.

Read our white paper about best practices.

Safe sensor tech keeps hospitals healthier

Using sensor technology in health care settings helps improve water quality, keeps patients healthier and improves a hospital's bottom line. Zurn Elkay sensor solutions can improve ROI, increase efficiency, reduce the risk of waterborne pathogens and improve handwashing and overall hand hygiene.

Read our white paper to learn more about best practices.
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Compliance Made Easy

Our water safety solution suite provides verification and validation of water management plans, meeting national, local and state regulations. That includes ASHRAE 188, CMS Mandate, Joint Commission and VHA directives.

Protection and Defense

Our accurate and consistent smart products data is easily integrated into buildings’ water management plans, providing increased defensibility and protection from litigation.

Increased ROI

With increased patient satisfaction, infection prevention, water conservation and reduced burden on facility and environmental services teams, Zurn Elkay’s hospital water safety solutions help save money and improve returns while keeping patients and visitors safe.

Wellness and Sustainably Inspired

Schedule and document flushing programs and mitigate the risk of Legionella and other waterborne pathogens while also increasing water conservation efforts.

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Protecting the environment with touchless hand drying that saves 250,000 trees a year

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Zurn Elkay water conservation products saved 34 billion gallons of water in 2021

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Recycling valuable resources with partitions made from 91% recycled content

WELL Standard

Zurn Elkay Water Solutions has more ways that contribute toward earning WELL points

Upgrades To Fit Everyone's Needs

Cleaner Restrooms

Sensor faucets and flush valves reduce touch points and the spread of germs, providing safer water.