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Ease Restroom and Budget Concerns

Your focus is on the people entering your building and dollars coming out of your budget. But what concerns your guests, staff, or students the most?

According to our recent poll, it’s touching restroom fixtures. A clean environment comes in at a close second. Our Touchless, Smart Solutions help you address both. Plus, you can alleviate project costs by taking advantage of the available federal funding.


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of people have anxiety about public restrooms

Why Upgrade Your Restroom

Nearly 74% of poll participants stated touch-free fixtures would ease their anxieties surrounding public restrooms. Our precise Touchless Solutions keep the guest experience completely hands off from flush-to-wash-to-dry.

Our Smart Technologies take sanitation a step further. For example, Handwashing Scores help promote hand hygiene, while real-time data supports maintenance and custodial staff behind the scenes. Your teams can avoid peak traffic hours to restock supplies, clean efficiently, and ensure guest comfort.

Why Act Now

During the first round of federal funding, both the private and public sectors were focused on responding to the pandemic. Now, there’s an emphasis to reopen responsibly and stay open.

Permanent measures, like Touchless, Smart Solutions, make it possible. And while the benefits last, all relief funds come with an expiration date and cap—some sooner than others. Make sure you learn about your options, while they’re available, to make financing easier.

There’s Funding for Upgrades

Federal funding can cover a range of businesses, nonprofits, public entities, and individuals. Zurn’s Touchless, Smart Solutions make it easier for operations to maintain a clean, fully working restroom, encourage traffic flow and social distancing, and above all, remove touchpoints along the way.

Each sector-specific program allots grants or funds for facility upgrades that achieve one or all the above. Find the program that applies to your operation below and click to learn if your facility qualifies.

You can also browse through our ranging Touchless, Smart Solutions.

See if You Qualify

Shuttered Venue Operators- dancers

Shuttered Venue Operators: SVO

The SVO program includes over $16 billion in grants for shuttered venues, including theaters, museums, performing arts, and motion picture operators. Hard-hit small businesses and nonprofits in the arts may qualify.

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ESSER classroom

Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief: ESSER

$190.3 billion in ESSER I, ESSER II, or ESSER ARP federal funds are available to K-12 schools. Public schools that meet the criteria for preparedness and response for the pandemic can benefit from these grants through September 2023.

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Restaurant Revitalization Fund- meeting

Restaurant Revitalization Fund: RRF

The RRF spans restaurants, food trucks, food carts, food stands, caterers, and any licensed premise that sells alcohol, such as bars or taverns. An eligible business can receive up to $10 million max and is limited to $5 million towards the physical location.

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Governor's Emergency Education Relief: GEER

Governor’s Emergency Education Relief: GEER

The Department will award these grants to States (governor’s offices) based on a formula stipulated in the legislation, relative to the population aged 5 through 24 and number of children counted under section 1124(c) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA).

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Zurn delivers the complete touchless, smart restroom for complete confidence.